Excavator Cat 385 Long Reach 4x available

Equipment: Caterpillar 385 CL      Type of equipment: Heavy earthmoving / Dredging hydraulic excavator      Year of Build: 2007/2008/2009    NT: 115-120 tons   HP: 520     Location: The Netherlands   

Price range:  € 190.000 - € 250.000 depending on engine hours and your configuration requirements     

Four (4x) Cat 385 CL in standard, long reach or triple long reach configuration

Working range up to 29 meters reach 

Lifting capacity at 21 m reach maximum 10 tons

All auxiliaries available like a large range of buckets, orangepeel grabs, clamshells, rippers, etc.

Depending on your requirements machines caan be configured to your exact specifications like: dredging, mass excavation, GPS positioning, raised turret, barge placement, etc.