Increase Trailing Suction Hopper capacity, improve project, improve production

Our client urgently requested Dredging Work to:

  • Find and charter additional Trailing Suction Hopper (TSHD) capacity for their project
  • Improve on project efficiency and productions
  • Improve on TSHD productions

Following an extensive global search reaching out to our extensive network, two available and suitable TSHD were found and chartered to the project.

Then , after the charter agreement signature Dredging Work assisted in finding and hiring in experienced Dutch TSHD captains, first mates and pipe operators to assist the foreign crew in getting the vessels up to production as quick as possible and to act as client representatives to our client.

Through a two day quick scan of the running dredging operation Dredging Work proposed and initiated improvements in the daily project management, auxiliary work vessels, planning and production.