Rotterdam area, production/cost assessment and improvement

We were asked to perform an independent assessment and provide improvement advice for rock and revetment works at a Rotterdam port project. Production was lower than expected and cost were running high. It was up to us to determine the cause and offer a solution.

So, we first asked the client for the original planning and actual work budget. We studied these carefully to ensure we understood the initial overall planning, production and costs. Then we performed several on-site production assessments and interviewed all work floor managers as well as their planner. We included the results in production and cost calculations for all major repetitive activities on-site.

Based on our findings, we drew up an actionable report that included:

  • Detailed production and cost calculations to show the client the best setup per activity
  • Detailed equipment advice
  • Detailed management advice

We assisted client with implementing the advised changes. After implementation, production went up with 15% and cost went down with 20% on average.