Sierra Leone, Construction Sand Mining

Our client requested Dredging Work to advise on the best commercial solution for providing construction sand to the local contractors in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Since most of the sands of local beaches around Freetown were already “harvested” for construction purposes, damaging both the environment as well as the tourist branch, a solution had to be found quickly.

Dredging Work initiated a basic desktop study via Map/Google Earth search. We identified various suitable locations for pumping dredged sand ashore using an environmental friendly reclamation filling method. This involves frequent (every one to two months) replenishment by a chartered TSHD. 

Two of our team flew over to Freetown and inspected the identified locations to select the two best sites. Subsequently, we chartered local contractors and their equipment to execute bathymetrical survey on borrow areas, assess pumps ashore approaches as well as soil investigation involving some vibro-cores. In the meantime, we gathered the necessary local information, including tide and current predictions, local cost and local permits.

Having finished the local study, the Dredging Work team flew back to the Netherlands and prepared a detailed project calculation and project plan involving;

  • Advised best project location and project solution
  • Equipment selection, location and advised mobilization/installation
  • Project economics, cost, revenue, breakeven, etc.
  • Planning, step by step site preparation and execution scheme
  • Advised on ad experienced project manager for the first year
  • Training of staff and operators

Upon sharing our insights, our client decided to follow our advice and successfully initiated a project to execute our ideas.